Are Men Confused About What Women Want And Threatened By A Successful Woman?

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Okay, I have a confession to make…I am completely fascinated with gender issues. Especially around relationships, work and behavioural patterns of men in certain circumstances. FASCINATED!! Are men threatened by successful women? “Yes”, according to Dr Dina McMillan, a Social Psychologist! In Sarina Lewis’s article in Sunday Life magazine (this is from 2011 – I […]

My Light Bulb Moment That Has Gotten Me So Darn Excited!!!

I had a light-bulb moment last Thursday night at about 9.30pm. Yep, I went into my room and was about to hop into bed when it suddenly came to me…this light bulb moment…and I got so excited by this sudden realisation that I walked out of my room with a dumbfounded yet thrilled look on […]

New York New York (the time of my life!) part 2.

Ah, New York! This is part 2 of a blog entry from when I was living and studying acting in NYC from 2006-2007. If you missed the first one, check it out here. Liz in New York – elizabeth rose. a budding actress all the way from australia. and the journey has just begun!  Hey […]

New York New York (the time of my life!) part 1.

Ah, New York! My 12 months spent in this incredible city goes down as being the best time of my life! I went there in August 2006 and left exactly a year later in 2007 – can’t believe that was almost 5 years ago!! Seems like yesterday – oh how I miss New York New […]

So I’m Back In Perth…What Next?

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I recently made an interstate move back to my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Start here if this is your first time visiting to get the low-down. Now when I say I’ve moved back home, I don’t just mean the city, I mean I’ve moved back […]

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