Move The Way Our Ancestors Did…The Paleo Way

Have you ever pondered on the scientific fact that our Paleolithic ancestors had virtually no ailments or diseases? A far cry from the myriad of illnesses we are plagued by in today’s society ever since the Agricultural & Industrial Revolutions. I’ve already spoken about the Paleo Diet (or template as I prefer to refer to […]

My Video Showing You How To Cook Sarah Wilson’s Yummy Pumpkin Pie Recipe!

  Pumpkin Pie Ingredients The crust: * 2 cups almond or hazelnut meal (or combination of both, or you can use LSA) * ¼ cup butter, softened * 1 teaspoon salt The filling: * 3 eggs * ½ cup rice malt syrup * 1 ½ cups pumpkin puree * 1 teaspoon cinnamon * 1 tablespoon […]

Cutting Out Junk Food Without Cutting Out Flavor

I’ve heard it all before, excuses from clients and friends telling me (and convincing themselves) that eating healthy food is boring and tasteless. Or simply that they don’t know what to make or how to make it taste good! Well…I’m here to tell you now that eating healthily IS NOT boring and really does taste […]

Why Superfoods Are SO Good For you!

If you haven’t already opted-in for my FREE Super Smoothie Collection, this is why you should! My smoothies include ‘superfood’ ingredients! Superfoods are nutrient dense foods packed full of a higher than average concentration of nutrients including – vitamins, proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, essential amino acids, enzymes, coenzymes and glyconutrients! Woah!

The Paleo Diet…This Is How I Eat

If you’re interested in tweaking the way you eat for weight loss and/or healthy living, chances are you’ve stumbled across the Paleo diet more than once. In fact, it’s everywhere!! And a good thing that it is. What Is The Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet, short for Paleolithic and also referred to as the caveman/primal/hunter-gatherer […]

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