How To Look Hot Naked And Increase Your Sex Drive!

Want to know what my top 7 tips are to look hot naked and increase your sex drive? Keep on reading! 1. Exercise! No surprises there. But when I say exercise, I do mean periodised phases of strength training.  Strength training builds lean muscle mass which in turn boosts your metabolism, making it a metabolic […]

My Workout Video You Can Do At Home Or At The Gym!

Below is a quick, circuit style workout I filmed last year with TJ from his Results Based Training studio in South Melbourne. I’ve interviewed TJ before here. I decided to swap roles, and be the client instead of the personal trainer! I actually LOVE being trained for a change, and have hired my own PT […]

How To Prevent The Winter Bulge And Common Cold!

This post may be a couple of months late for those of you in the southern hemisphere, but hey, better late than never ;-)! Does your weight generally go up in the cooler months? Do you struggle to get motivated to train and eat well when you’d prefer to stay warm under your covers and […]

The Secret Behind Feeling Good And Looking Great Naturally!

We all want to be the best we can be!  To you it might be loosing a few kgs, building some muscle or even just having extra energy so you can get more things done.  By leading a healthy lifestyle, consuming good foods & exercising regularly this is more than possible.  It’s important to be […]

My Model Shoot And How I Prepared For It

In February 2011, I did a fantastic photo shoot in Melbourne with the amazingly talented, Jennifer Stenglein. Jennifer is a freelance fashion and portrait photographer who is based in Melbourne and works with lots of international brands. I’ve worked with her three times now, and find her to be incredibly artistic, creative and edgy. She’s […]

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